Brake System


Critical parts that wear out for your brake system

Your brakes work by friction, you press on your pedal, the pedal pushes a rod, the rod pushes a piston in your brake master cylinder, which forces fluid from the cylinder, through your brake lines. And then to your brake caliper for a disc brake, or wheel cylinder for a drum brake. In the caliper or the wheel cylinder is another piston, which as your brake fluid moves, pressing the brake pad against your brake disc or brake drum. The clamping or friction force slows down your wheel, then your car and you, when its working of coarse.    


  • Hydraulic fluid like your engine oil it needs replacing
  • Brake Pad for disc, Brake Shoes for drum
  • Seals for the master cylinder, brake calipers or wheel cylinder
  • Disc rotors or Brake Drums
  • Brake lines and Brake hoses

Warning signs from your car

  • Brake noise when pressing on brake
  • Your car takes way longer then is safe to stop
  • When you brake your car pulls to one side or the other
  • You press your pedal in, and not much seems to be happening
  • You press on your pedal and a warning light comes on 
  • When your brake you get vibration


We recommend

  • Front and rear brake service at least once a year
  • Hydraulic brake system service

Disc Bake

Drum Brake