Cooling System


Critical parts that wear out for your cooling system

Engines generate huge amount of heat. The coolant in your engine absorbs some of that heat. As the coolant flows through thin tubes radiator, the air passing around the thin tubes then absorbs heat from the coolant helping to keep your engine cool. In the case of your heater, the air passing around the thin tube of the heater, is blown into your car to keep you warm

  • The Anti-freeze coolant itself
  • Rubber hoses the coolant flows through
  • Thermostat that controls the flow of coolant in the cooling system
  • Bearings and seals in the water pump
  • Belt that drives the water pump
  • Radiator
  • The Electronic fan(s) that cool your radiator 

Warning signs from your car

  • Smoke from the engine area of your car
  • Temperature gauge in red
  • Anti-freeze coolant in a puddle under your car
  • Lack of hot air from your heater
  • When you start driving your car the engine temperature gets hot very fast
  • Squeaking noise form the belt driving the water pump
  • Noises from the engine, that sound external instead of deep inside the engine


We recommend

  • We test anti-freeze for strength and PH every 5,000 kms as service as required