Battery and Electrical


Critical parts that wear out for your electrical system

Your battery's role is to provide the power needed to start your car, once it is started the alternator then takes over. The alternator provides power to make the electrical systems in your car go, and to maintain the charge of your battery for the next time you go to start it. 

  • The battery itself - most batteries have a 5 year life span
  • Alternator
  • Belt that drives the alternator
  • Electrical contacts for the battery and other components
  • Senors, switches and relays
  • Connectors and the wires

Warning signs from your car

  • Red battery light stays on after you start the car
  • Engine turns over when starting, but is slower then before
  • Some times a switch works, some times it does not
  • When you turn something on it is not working
  • You turn the key, hold it, and nothing happens


We recommend

  • Battery load test every 5,000kms - this is included in our vehicle service package
  • Replace every 5 years

Battery Cross Section

Alternator Cross Section