Specialized Repairs


Electrical Diagnostics

Your car can have up to 15 different processors in it. The computer processors in your car not only manage your electrical systems, they also store information from the various sensors in your car. When we plug our computer into your car, the manufacture's software runs reports on the operating condition of your car, as it relates to safety and maintenance, component failure or malfunction. These reports provide us with the background information about recent events in your car's operational history.

With this information we then compile your car's computer diagnostic reports into a over all understanding of what is going on, and the series of events that led to your car's current condition. With this knowledge we then decided on the best method for getting you and your car, back on the road.

By understanding the logical sequence of electrical and mechanical steps required for your car to operate correctly and comparing that to the current condition, we identify the exact part that needs to be replaced, or create a short list of possible failed parts. We then replace the expected part to confirm our diagnoses and get you and your car safely back on the road.


Specialized Repair we love to do

  • Performance enhancement product installations 
  • Electrical diagnostics (fascinates us!!!)
  • Differential, gearbox and 4 wheel drive systems repair or rebuild
  • Supercharges and turbo charges
  • Muscle Cars and other Classics
  • Anything Diesel