Our Services and process

The most common service we do is make your car go, stop and start without you having to worry about it,
or take it some place else because it still is not fixed correctly.

Our process starts by listening to you

We start by asking you simple questions to help us understanding what your car is doing or not doing, and any recent changes in your cars behviour that maybe related to the current condition

Then we listen to your car

First we stop and think about it, then we decide on the best diagnostic process to use so we can understanding your car's current state

Agree to what we are going to do

Based on the information we gathered so far, we will contact you, describe what we found and propose the best coarse of action for your car and you

 Test our results

Once all repairs have been completed we take your car on a 7km test drive to ensure all is well


Confidently drive anywhere, anytime, by maintaining your