RHD Diesel


RHD Diesel critical areas of concern

Unless you are the original owner of your JDM vehicle....      

  • Timing belts!!!
  • Tensioners and idler assemblies (Booommmm)
  • Delayed maintenance from previous owners

RHD Diesel Models we specialize in      

  • Toyota Landcruiser SUV, Prado SUV, Hilux SUV, And Hi Ace Van
  • Mitsubishi Pajero SUV and Delica Van
  • Nissan Patrol/Safari SUV
  • Subaru Sambar Micro-Vans
  • Nissan, Subaru, Honda Cars, Daihatsu And Suzuki Mini Trucks.
  • Anything RHD We’ll do it!!!!!

Diagnostic and maintenance we specialize in for RHD Diesels

  • Visually confirming the quality and condition of your timing belts and tensioners
  • Hydraulic Brake system and fluid
  • Power steering lines, pump and fluid
  • Suspension system
  • Fuel filters, lines, pump and injectors
  • Glow Plugs/Starting System
  • Engine Oil and Filter
  • Engine Valve Adjustment
  • Turbo Charger bearings, and seals for leaks
  • AC for leaks and has been converted to R134a
  • Transmission and Differential units and fluids 
  • Wheel bearings, U - Joints and CV joints
  • Clutch system, lines, seals and fluids
  • Installing Inline or Block heaters or checking existing heater and cord
  • Check the service life of the Diesel Coolant in your engine
  • Battery and starter motor condition and connections 
  • Exhaust system and sensors
  • Electrical system relays, sensors and processor


We recommend

  • Complete vehicle inspection and consultation if you have just purchased your machine

Absolutely... we can help you