Car SUV & Truck Maintenance Service


 Car, SUV & Truck service...

Changes in car technology, the use of computers and sensors in your car, has resulted in engines and cars that need service maintenance instead of tune ups.

Reason... Parts that used to need adjusting to keep them working correctly, have been replaced with parts that are self adjusting or are fully electronic. During a tuneup, a mechanic would also do a maintenance inspection, or simply by working on the car notice other areas that need attention.

Warning signs from your car

  • Warning indicator lamps on
  • Running poorly or not at all
  • Parts are falling off
  • Puddle(s) of fluids under your car
  • A/C or other systems not working
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Having difficulty starting
  • Time, it has been awhile since you last had a service


Managing expectations

Our 32 Point Maintenance Inspection covers block heater ground tests, (you'd be surprised) tire pressures and all the major systems in your car. The purpose is to inspect the areas of your car that at some point in time will require maintenance and address them before you discover them by them failing or breaking.